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marina gharabegian

Marina Gharabegian is the ex-wife of a popular actor and comedian, Mark McKinney. Marina has not been captured on public websites. Marina gharabegian is a very private lady and details about her birth year, place of birth, and parents

Marina Gharabegian Children

She has two children with him; the first is Christopher Thomas Russell, born on March 4, 1996.

Marina Gharabegian-Bio Graphy

Marina Gharabegian is a famous actress and comedian who was married to Mark McKinney. They have two children, Christopher Thomas Russell born on March 4, 1996, and Emma Jane born in July 2001. She is a very private person and does not share any information about her personal life on public websites. Her birth year, place of birth and parents have not been disclosed publicly on any websites. She is married to a Canadian actor and comedian, Mark McKinney, since 1995. He is a very popular actor and comedian, who has starred in many comedy films. He has also worked in the television industry.

Family Detail

Mark McKinney and marina gharabegian are not the types to reveal their family secrets. This Canadian actor and comedian are best known for his roles in popular comedy films such as “A Night at the Roxbury” & “The Big Leap”. McKinney married the actress and comedian Marina Gharabegian in September 1995, and they have two children together, Christopher born in March 1996 & Emma Jane in July 2001. The couple later divorced in 2017 and are no longer together. Despite this, marina gharabegian is still a well-known face in the entertainment industry. This fun actor and comedian originating from Ottawa, Canada has a chubby body and square face.

Marina Gharabegian Work

During her 22-year marriage to Mark McKinney, Marina Gharabegian kept a low profile. As a result, little is known about her work. However, she likely worked as a pastry chef at one point. She also may have been a waitress at some point.

Born Place

Born in Toronto, Canada, Mark McKinney began his career performing comedy in parody shows for the Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary, Alberta. He later moved to Toronto, forming a comedy troupe called The Audience with Bruce McCulloch. This group performed at Theatresports. He then joined Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald in creating The Kids in the Hall. This program ran from 1988 to 1995.

Marina Gharabegian Divorced

Mark McKinney married Marina Gharabegian in September 1995, and the couple had two children, Christopher Thomas and Emma Jane. The first child was born a year after their marriage, and the second was born five years after that. Although they had been married for twenty years, they divorced in 2017. The actor is currently single. It is unknown whether he is dating anyone. The actor and his former wife did not reveal why they split in 2017 and have since gone their separate ways. She remains private and has not revealed any details about her birth year or parents on public websites.

Marriage Detail

Marina Gharabegian and Canadian actor & comedian Mark McKinney have been together for over two decades. They are the proud parents of two children. Their son is a big old blonde named Christopher Thomas and their daughter is a beautiful brunette named Emma Jane. This is one of the funniest couples we’ve ever seen and a surprisingly fun one at that.

Gharabegian and McKinney’s Marriage Mystery

Despite their many years together, the details of Gharabegian and McKinney’s marriage remain a mystery, but they are said to be the best of friends. They are also said to be a great match for each other in every way possible. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish next! The best thing about their long-term tying is that they are likely to spend more time together in the future as both of them grow older.

Marina Gharabegian Net Worth

Marina gharabegian is the ex-wife of the Canadian actor Mark McKinney. She has been married to him for 22 years and is the mother of two children, Christopher Thomas and Emma Jane.

The net worth of Marina gharabegian is estimated to be $4 million. She is a comedian and actress who has been featured in several movies.


Her father was a diplomat and she lived in various places during her childhood such as Paris, Mexico, and Trinidad. She also studied at Trinity School College and the Memorial University of Newfoundland to study political science.

Marina Gharabegian Career

She has been in several movies such as The Passion of John Ruskin, Hayseed, and Last Days of Disco. She has also appeared on a few television shows such as Street Legal, Twitch City, and Clerks.

In her career, she has performed on some popular shows and gathered a huge amount of money. She was able to gain popularity and became one of the leading actors and comedians in the industry.

Despite having a successful career, she was never open about her personal life. She has not revealed her birth year, location, or parents and has remained a secretive person.

Mark McKinney a Comedian & Actor

Her husband, Mark McKinney is a comedian and actor. He has made a lot of money from his different roles in different films and TV series. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million in 2022.

Self-Proclaimed Foodie

Known for his roles in the hit comedy movies Superstore and The Kids in the Hall, Mark McKinney is a comedian and actor best known as the guy that can outdo the rest of the gang. He is a self-proclaimed foodie, who has worked alongside Toronto chef Greg Couillard at one point or another in his career.

Despite his many accolades, Mark still finds time to play with the kids and has a philanthropic streak that has resulted in multiple charitable endeavors. He is also a proud dad to son Christopher and daughter Emma.

Marina Gharabegian Story Conclusion

This chubby, square-faced fellow was born in Ottawa, Canada, and has a long list of accomplishments to his name. His work on the NBC shows Bo & Cheyenne is the most impressive. The show is a spinoff of the popular sitcom The Office and features a bubbly cast that includes Nichola Sakura in the lead role as Cheyenne.

Other notable members of the cast include Chris Parnell, Jason Bateman, David Arquette, and John Culley. The show aired its first season in 2010 and it has since been renewed for a second run. Marina gharabegian has also been nominated for several awards including the Emmys, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globes. The show has a fan base of millions and is currently airing its fourth season.

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